Student Highlight: Tanya from El Salvador

Traveling to the United States to learn English can be scary. I was the most anxious and worried about the new experiences, culture and language barrier before I arrived. Luckily, I chose a special school that has helped me overcome all of those fears. There are infinite reasons why my experience as an international student at English for Internationals has been so extraordinary. Here are three I find most important and want to share with you!

Becoming bilingual.

Becoming bilingual has given me the chance to integrate into American culture. When I first arrived in the United States, I couldn't communicate with others in English, so my social interactions were limited. I am thankful for the wonderful teachers and excellent program at English for Internationals for helping me learn the English language. I am now able to communicate with others in English with confidence. Becoming bilingual has given me the opportunity to follow my dreams to further my education and one day achieve my Master’s Degree!

The multicultural experiences.

English for Internationals has given me the opportunity to meet new people and make friends from different countries all around the world. EFI always prepares enjoyable interactive activities through which I am able to socialize with students in other classes. Through these interactions with new friends, I have enjoyed learning about different cultures, traditions, and customs.

Finding my second home.

English for Internationals has become my second home. The teachers and staff are marvelous human beings, who have showed me a sincere smile and supported me during my culture adaptation into the United States. Not only have I found great teachers and staff, but I have also found good friends. I spend many hours at school every day, but I enjoy my time there! I learn new things and have great experiences with my classmates, teachers and the EFI staff every single day.

It is normal to experience anxiety and be scared when you make the decision to become an international student. As long as you find the right school filled with amazing people, like I have found at English for Internationals, you will not only enjoy your time in the United States but you will wish your time as an international student would never end!

-Tanya , El Salvador