Teacher Highlight: Tim Holt

Tim Holt

Level 6

 Your education background and teaching experience:

      “B. A. in Music and M. A. in German. I have taught almost continually since 1983, teaching music, German, ESOL, Spanish. Currently, I teach German and Spanish at Roswell High School."

 Why do you like teaching?

       “I love learning languages and enjoy sharing those with others. I particularly enjoy my classes at EFI because I get to know students from all over the world and have an opportunity to learn more about their countries.”

     Why did you choose to teach ESL students?

       “I think I just announced that in the above question.”

     What have you learned from your students?

        “I feel I learnt much about people in general- their hopes, dreams, struggles, strengths, weaknesses. I have had an opportunity to touch lives and help people along their journey through life.”

               Do you have a funny story connected to teaching ESL students?

        “Most days bring numerous opportunities to laugh with students. Most funny stories have to do either with cultural or linguistic misunderstanding.”

        What are some of your hobbies/things you enjoy?

        “I spend most of my free time with my family. We all enjoy just being together. I am very active in our local church, First Baptist Woodstock. To relax and disconnect, I work on my stamp collection, which I started over 40 years ago.”


says, "He is a great teacher. Even though he is strict, he has a good sense of humor, and his classes are fun . He also speaks three languages! How awesome is that?"