Teacher Highlight: Sarah Steadham

Sarah Steadham

Level 5

Your education background and teaching experience:

      “Bachelor of Arts in English, Masters of Arts and Teaching Secondary English Education, 4 years of teaching experience.”

Why do you like teaching?

       “I love it when my students get excited about learning because they are making connections and coming to their own conclusions. I want to teach them to learn and study and understand the world.”

Why did you choose to teach ESL students?

       “I am a big traveler, but it is expensive! Teaching ESL allows me to teach and interact with different cultures. My ESL students are the most motivated and interesting people I have ever met.”

What have you learned from your students?

        “What can I say? They taught me about being in a respectful global community. They taught me that love is the same everywhere. They also taught me that I love all international food.”

Do you have a funny story connected to teaching ESL students?

        “My first time teaching English in Hungary, we were talking about holidays. I asked the students to tell me about the major holidays in their country. One student didn’t know the English word for a holiday, so she described it by saying, “Jesus, stand up!” It took me a second, but I soon realized she was talking about Easter! I love how they come up with creative ways to use language.”

What are some of your hobbies/things you enjoy?

        “I like travelling, reading, writing and art. I also spend way too much time watching TV!"

 Elena says,

 "Sarah combines the best qualities a teacher can have: she knows her subject well and knows how to interest her students in the learning process. She has a good sense of humor and a lot of patience. I enjoyed being in her class."