English for Internationals Students and Staff work together to help support Wellspring Living

By Karen Hills

May 21, 2015

English for Internationals (EFI) students and teachers donated more than 50 bags of gently used clothes to Wellspring Living yesterday.  The students and teachers learned about Wellspring Living and decided to help the organization by going through their closets in their homes, collecting clothes that they were not wearing and brought the bags of donated clothes to the school.

“The students and staff of English for Internationals really enjoy getting involved in efforts and activities that will benefit others.  Whether the need is local or international, the students and staff work together to make a positive difference.” says Karen Hills, EFI Director.

The students and staff of English for Internationals have decided to make the clothing drive an annual event and hope to donate more each year.

About English for Internationals

English for Internationals (EFI) is a family owned and operated English as a Second Language school in Roswell, GA.  Operating for more than 25 years in Roswell, more than 15,000 adult students from all over the world have studied English at EFI.

English for Internationals enrolls local international students as well as non-immigrant students studying in the US on an F1 student visa.  EFI is known for its energetic atmosphere, small classes and highly qualified ESL instructors.  For more information, please visit


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About Wellspring Living

The mission of Wellspring Living is to help domestic sex trafficking victims and the vulnerable develop the courage to move forward and the confidence to succeed.  The vision of Wellspring Living is to end domestic sex trafficking.   For more information, please visit