English for Internationals Students and Teachers Raise Money for Nepal

EFI students and teachers raised money last week for the victims of the earthquake in Nepal.  "The goal was set at $350 but I had a very good feeling we could raise more than that!  We are so proud of the team's generosity! After the week of bake sales was over, we wrote a check to The American Red Cross for $500!"  Karen Hills, Director said.

Regardless, if the need is a local or global one, the students and staff really enjoy helping others. Whenever EFI decides to provide aid or assistance toward a relief effort the team works together to ensure success.  The favored way to fund-raise at the school is through bake sales.  There are a lot of talented people at the school who really know what they're doing in the kitchen!  Food items are sold between and after classes and everyone participates!

Way to go, English for Internationals!