Student Highlight: Vitória from Brazil

When I came to English for Internationals I didn't speak English at all. My intentions were to learn English, but this place soon became more than just my school. I always feel so comfortable and loved by the teachers, classmates and the English for Internationals staff. Everyone is very sweet and they always make you feel at home.

English for Internationals not only teaches English but is always engaging in social causes and helping people around the world. It means so much to me since I am from a country that needs help. There are so many people around the world that need special attention and it is amazing to see an English school working to help them.

The teachers are amazing. Every term I feel like I gain a new best friend. They make us feel so comfortable, which is so important since it is hard to express yourself when you don't speak the language. The best part of my day is when I am in class. I love being around people from all over the world and sharing our experiences. Every morning I feel like I'm visiting so many different countries when I talk to my classmates. 

My favorite thing about English for Internationals is the environment and their dedication to helping their students feel comfortable and able to learn English in the best way possible.

It is hard to dedicate your time and money to learn English but when you are in a good place with nice people who make you feel loved, valued and important, it is easy and worth it!

-Vitória, Brazil