How late can a student enroll into a term?
Students are encouraged to enroll before classes begin.  However, students are allowed to begin during Week 1 or 2. Students can register and begin in Week 3 and they will pay a prorated amount.

If a student starts late, does the student pay less?
Students who begin during Week 1 or 2 pay the full amount. 

How old must a student be to attend English for Internationals?
Our students are at least 18 years old.  However, someone under 18 can study at English for Internationals with the approval of one of the Directors.

Can a student change their class schedule after the term has started? 
Yes.  A student can change their class schedule during the first week.  If a situation occurs that requires a change in schedule later in the term, the student must have approval from one of the Directors

What is the EFI transfer out policy?
Students must have their transfer form and acceptance letter from the new school to the EFI office no later than the first Friday of the following term.