After retiring from a life as a special education teacher, Lin missed teaching and being in academics. Therefore, when given the opportunity to teach at EFI part-time in the evening, Lin did not think it twice and returned to the teaching field. She loves spending her evenings with young adult students from all over the world.

Lin enjoys the cultural exchanges at EFI. She has learned so much about other countries and their people (more than one can in a book!) and she feels passionate about creating a safe and happy environment where students can learn the English language and about American life, as well.

Lin’s an author and illustrator of children's books and she creates them passionately for her grandchild. She’s founder and owner of Little Worm Publishing and all of her books have purpose...purpose to teach about being kind, eating healthy, environment, etc. for little ones. (But if she must admit, her true passion is to leave a legacy for her little guy!) If you can’t find Lin working at EFI, you will most likely find her running, riding a bike, writing (of course), visiting museums (she’s a member to just about all of them in Atlanta!), listening to music, watching movies, and being with family and friends.

Lin grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, but she has been in the South for 37 years and considers Atlanta her home. She’s extremely passionate about food! She likes to teach about organic foods and the importance of eating healthy. Lin has volunteered at Truly Living Well Urban Agricultural Center in Atlanta for over 6 years. She writes their newsletter and volunteers with events.

She would like to be remembered as someone who was giving, kind, cared, helped, a free spirit, and occasionally made people laugh. She loves to laugh and sharing joy makes her very happy! 

Lin graduated from Oglethorpe University with a degree in Sociology and a minor in Social Work. Later, she graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Special Education. She is certified in the state of Georgia for Learning Disabilities, Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities, Inter-related Core Content for Students with Disabilities, and English as a Second Language.