Nohemi was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and has been teaching ESL for three years now. She loves teaching level 1 because she enjoys seeing how at the beginning of the term some students don’t know much English, and by the end of the term they are able to say simple sentences and ask simple questions. 

Nohemi loves traveling, reading, and food. She likes to travel and see new places and she would like to visit all of the 50 states. So far, she has only been to nine of them. Nohemi also enjoys reading because it’s like she gets to travel and be someone else while she’s reading the book.  She can never stop talking about food and she’s always thinking about her next meal. She loves pizza, sushi, and Mexican food (not at the same time). Even though Nohemi is not a good cook, she loves making fresh green juice every morning. It's the best, according to her.

When Nohemi is not working, she’s usually at home, at the gym, or eating at a restaurant with her boyfriend.

She recently received a Master of Arts in TESOL from California State University Los Angeles, and she has a bachelor’s in English from the University of California Santa Barbara.