Sarah joined the EFI family in 2011. She grew up in Roswell, GA and she has been a teacher for as long as she can remember (she taught her sister how to read when she was eight years old).

Sarah began her teaching career at an early age; however, she has been teaching professionally for about 6 years. She started with high school literature classes and now she has found her niche with ESL.

She’s most excited when a student sees the potential in themselves to do something that before they didn't think they could do. Sarah believes that learning comes from the inside as well as from the teacher, so she desires to inspire her students as much as she desires to teach them. Her hope is that her students will go into the world believing in their potential as learners and contributors.

When Sarah is not working (which is rare), you can find her with her friends and family. She has three nieces and a nephew. She likes going to movies and concerts, and she would love to hike more. Whenever she has a weekend free, she likes to get out of town and explore.

Sarah loves volunteering and traveling. She teaches a group of middle school girls through her church and last summer she spent three months in Budapest teaching and working with missionaries there.

She wants to be remembered as a strong woman who was able to inspire others, especially other women. She loves making people laugh, and will take any opportunity to make a joke.

Sarah holds a Bachelor’s in English from the University of Georgia and a Master’s in English education from Kennesaw State University.