You can find us listed on the Study in the States website. Search using: English for Internationals, Inc.

Transfer to EFI

Transferring to English for Internationals from another school is easy and FREE! Simply follow these steps!

Step 1.  Contact the PDSO, Karen Hills at then complete the Transfer Form and the Certificate of Eligibility.

Step 2.  Give the Transfer Form to the Student Director at your current school.

Step 3.  The Student Director at your current school will complete the Transfer Form and email or fax it to English for Internationals.

Email: Karen Hills, PDSO -
Fax:  770-587-0427

Step 4.  Take the Placement Test.

Call our school (770-587-0427) to schedule your appointment. The test takes one hour and cost $15. We will grade your test to determine which class level is best for you. The skills covered in the test are: Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading.

Step 5.  Complete Registration. 

Complete the Registration form and the Tuition Payment Form.  These will be given to you when you visit our school for your placement test.

It’s that easy!