Yasemin grew up speaking English and Turkish since her mother is American and her father is Turkish. She feels very lucky that she was raised in a bilingual home because it has trained her to understand her students in a higher level.

Yasemin has been working for EFI for about five years. She loves the idea that speaking another language can make us understand each other on a deeper level and see how similar we really are. It makes her happy to be able to aid in that process.

Besides teaching English as a second language, Yasemin is a belly dance performer, choreographer and instructor. She teaches belly dance classes and workshops regularly. She also enjoys being creative in other ways such as making and selling jewelry.

If you can’t find Yasemin working one of her various jobs, you can find her either going out with friends or sleeping.

She has two cats of her own and loves volunteering for any projects that have to deal with children, the elderly, or animals.